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The M.O. Blues Band

The M.O. Blues Band afore New George's in San Rafael on August 7, 2002.
Dan Petruzella (guitar), Rick Roth (keyboards), Dan Carwin (bass), David Masgay (vocals), Frank Orcino (guitar) and Vic Linares (drums).
That's David Masgay and Frank Orcino: M.O., get it?

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'Dancin' Blues and Rock & Roll' is the M.O. Blues Band's M.O. They are getting better and better and better, with ever-increasingly awesome guitar work by Frank Orcino (see below) and a growing repertoire of original songs by David Masgay.

That's M.O.'s astonishing guitar player Frank Orcino. The hand on the hat is Tommy Castro's following an appearance by Tommy at a Johnny Nitro-arranged benefit for the Blue Bear School of American Music in San Francisco.

Johnny sure can pick 'em. Frank plays with a ferocity that puts you in mind of Tommy, with whose band he's already played several times. We say 'already' because Frank has been playing guitar a scant two years. As for Blue Bear, he says, "I graduated."

Frank Orcino traded a guitar for one of the vintage pickups in his own axe, a "fat Strat." That deal was with Johnny Nitro.
As for what he did or did not trade at the crossroads with a certain behorned gentleman from the far, Far south... Frank ain't saying.

M.O. Blues Band business

Frank Orcino, 707-292-8300
David Masgay, 415-250-7586
David Masgay e-mail

Frank Orcino, top, as wife Maureen schmoozes Tommy Castro at the Red Devil Lounge in San Francisco

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