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All the latest and greatest on the San Francisco blues scene,
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may best be found via Yahoo!

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photography of
Scott Palmer


Greg Stathes photos
Northern California
San Diego Blues & more...


Tommy Castro Ninth Bar Blues

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what a concept!


You can hear Johnny Nitro
on the radio!


His new CD, Trouble, is being played by stations including
KECG 97.7 FM
KPOO 89.5 FM
KRSH 95.9 FM

Johnny will for the third year running be playing
Francis Ford Coppola's homeless benefit
(in North Beach March 21)


an absolutely fantastic summation of The Amanda Fox Benefit featuring a host of local and national blues stars at The Last Day Saloon in Santa Rosa, penned by Rolf Olmsted, may be found on the Yahoo! Bay Area Blues site.

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photos by Douglas Mountford
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Ron Hacker
rocks in Europe

A modicum of patience is required for these links, laid upon us by Ron Hacker.


from this one, click concert pictures, then Ron Hacker


from this one, click pics, then Ron Hacker


Ron Hacker on SFBlues.net



San Diego Blues & more...





32st Annual
San Francisco Blues Festival


September 24-26, 2004





Thursday Jam!!
as in every Thursday


in Half Moon Bay


hosted by
Stan Erhart & Hack Bondo



Stan Erhart


  Stan Erhart



Old Princeton Landing
460 Capistrano Road
Half Moon Bay, CA


eight or so
until midnight
or so








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new Johnny Nitro CD
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Tommy Castro's new CD with Jimmy Hall and Lloyd Jones reviewed



Johnny Nitro schedule



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(courtesy Ron Hacker)

San Diego Blues

Northern California
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Carlos Guitarlos



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Scott Palmer

San Francisco
Blues Festival


September 27-28, 2003




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