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These boys ain't exactly blues, more bikadelic you might say, as bandleader Victor Veysey's predilections run to music, peace and bicycles ­ he runs the great San Francisco Bicycle Coalition-affiliated Bike Hut on the Embarcadero, Pier 40, foot of Townsend Street near Pac Bell Park, a great great place to get yer bike fixed or upgraded; and Victor provides an absolutely nifty and constructive work environment for kids who might otherwise have nothing else to do.

The Vikter VZ Xperience is
Victor Veysey,
lead vocals & guitar (at left, in shades, above)
Danny Stromberg,
Scotty Lee,
Wes James, guitar

Victor promises a good bit of blues at their upcoming Cyclists Social event on August 12.


in their own words (from their own website)

The Vikter VZ Xperience have been playing live since June of 2002. VZX have given dozens of live shows encompassing appearances at Club CoCoMo, Studio Z, 26 Mix, Cafe Du Nord, Ace Junkyard, the Tempest, and Molotov's, and a variety of parties and odd occasions. They have been featured twice on famed college radio station KUSF.

In May of 2003 VZX released the Queen Sophia EP, originally seven songs, recently updated to nine and soon to be twelve. This is a prolific band with a large body of developing music, much of which is based on Vikter's back catalogue of songs written over the last twenty years.

These recordings were engineered by Bob Wachumas and produced by Vikter VZ and Bob using digital media. For future recordings we hope to use analog technology with magnetic tape. In many ways, there recordings are just sketches for a far thicker sound to be captured in future.

Vikter also writes and sings in French and Spanish, with a novelty song in Japanese currently being written. Future plans for the band include releasing non-English material and a tour of all three countries.

The Vikter VZ Xperience on the web
bookings via Victor Veyzey 415-863-2450

1. Heartbreak
2. Cover Me
3. Schwinn Cruiser
4. Convenient
5. She Freaks Out
6. Max Beckman
7. 5th of the Month
8. Butterfly Hyprocrite
9. Unknown Rockstar
10. Other America

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The Bike Hut (415) 543-4335

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