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Shad Harris

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Shad Harris, esteemed and beloved drummer most recently with Ron Hacker and Johnny Nitro, was whacked with a stroke on October 30, 2000, and has declared himself to be, and we quote, 'retired and lovin' it.'

Shad kept time for The Tommy Castro Band during the North Beach years and played on Tommy's first three albums, co-writing the Exception to the Rule,the title cut of Tommy's first on-a-label CD, among numerous other credits.

There was a great benefit party for Shad at Slim's in April 2001, during which a pantload of money was raised and a terrific time was had by all. Shad held court like a Pharoah, and seeing the blues greats of the San Francisco scene humbly lined up for a word with him backstage gave a good idea just how respected a drummer he is. We all miss him, bad.

Shad at right with Johnny Nitro (left)
and black leather be-pantsed Tommy Castro
singing Big Fine Woman at the Slim's benefit.

Big Fine Woman MP3

Shad with Yours Truly and Linda Maria at Slim's
(note the face of the lovely Carla Alexander at back left
and the befrecktacled mug of Cyrus 'the Do' Roiz at center)

Shad Harris Benefit CDs

Special Thanks
to Dennis Juarez

Shad's website

oh so young...

Shad smiles on behind fellow
Hacksaw A.J. (Artis Joyce); photo taken in The Saloon

Snaps taken following second-to-last appearance of Shad Harris with The Tommy Castro Band in Reno, Nevada in late December 1997. Top row, left to right: Yours Truly Rich Piellisch, Shad himself, Dancing John Brewster, Randy McDonald, Cyrus 'the Do' Roiz (blocking Randy's chin).
Main row, left to right: Bruce (erstwhile automotive engineer for Tommy & the Lads), famous TV personality unknown to Yours Truly, Maria, unknown lady, Tommy himself, unknown lady, unknown dude, unknown lady, Linda at far right.
Two unknown (and having a blast) ladies in front.

Shad Harris Benefit CDs

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