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The Photography of Scott Palmer

He's an essayist, novelist, Doctor of Philosophy, speaker of French, German as well, English after a fashion, former weight-lifter and football player, lies-on-his-back-if-need-be kind o' fella; in other words and to all effects a physical and intellectual Renaissance Man: photographer par excellence. These renditions of his images, and the others scattered hither and yon on SFBlues.net, don't at all do justice to the emotionally powerful pictures of Scott Palmer.

He promises more; we say Bring Them On.

Ron Hacker
Dave Workman & John Broadway Tucker
Johnny Nitro

Saloonatics and environs 

Scott Palmer -- 415-989-7934

Scott Palmer e-mail

Scott Palmer shoots Daniel Castro
for the cover of
Daniel's 'No Surrender' CD on July 24, 1999.

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