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new Ron Hacker song about the president. Of the United States, believe it or not (he really is)...


Ron Hacker

Update on Ron Hacker (late October 2006)
It's official, Ron will be on the new release, Orphans, by Tom Waits. Check it out on the label website, where Hack's described as "San Francisco’s white trash blues icon." He's on the Brawlers CD of the three-disk box set, new song called Low-Down, described by Waits himself as "raw garage." What could be better? Release date November 21. Scroll down right here for big Hack-Waits photo.

Don't forget to come catch Hack at The Saloon on Saturday November 25 neither. Biscuits & Blues too that Thanksgiving weekend, Friday November 24, 4-7.
Tom Waits Orphans
Ron Hacker calendar
(Labor Day 2006)
Ron reports feeling real well these days following an early morning heart attack a few weeks back, minimal damage to the pump, the doc says -- and Hack's started gigging. Got a trip to Europe in the works with gigs in Holland (Amsterdam), Belgium and la France, and he'll be back in San Francisco for the Thanksgiving weekend: an early-evening gig at Biscuits & Blues on Friday; and Saturday night, November 25, at The Saloon. Yes.

Ron Hacker and Tom Waits
Ron Hacker and Tom Waits
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Ron's written a book: White Trash Bluesman -- Check It Out!
SFBlues.net reviews Ron's CD, Burnin'

Ron Hacker website
Ron Hacker schedule on Ron Hacker website

Ron Hacker is a pure bluesist who uses vintage guitars for a classic driving sound, with slide and without. His Back Door Man CD (his third, or maybe fourth all-told), on the local Saloon Recordings label, is one of the best blues releases of recent times, with a gorgeous mix of originals and covers. His brand-new Burnin'? You might say it's even better.

translated version of Blues & Co site (slow)

Ron Hacker graces the cover
of this French blues magazine.

Ron, c'est fantastique!




Ron Hacker's new CD is called Burnin'


Check It Out...


SFBlues.net reviews Burnin'


Ron plays guitar and sings on the new CD by Lisa Kindred.


New photos of Ron Hacker by Scott Palmer


Over the Top -- Ron Hacker Hits His Stride article





Ron Hacker & the Hacksaws



"On the stage or in the sack,
there's no one better than The Hack."

Ron Hacker website

Ron Hacker schedule


above pix from Norway's Svolvaer Blues Festival in June 2001

That this man is not famous is in our humble option a farkakte travesty

You think we just happen to like Ron because he's local?
Check out this
review by Craig Ruskey on Delta Snake Daily Blues.

Ron Hacker & the Hacksaws -- Ron's Back Door Man band:
Ron Hacker flanked b
y drummer Shad Harris
and bassist Artis "A.J." Joyce (ri


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Over the Top -- Ron Hacker Hits His Stride article


Ron Hacker's schedule

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