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Received on January 11...

My name is Raja Singh, and I’m the owner of a new music venue/studio out in Walnut Creek called Red House Studios. 

Red House is a 5,000 square complex with 5 lesson rooms, a ProTools recording suite, three rehearsal rooms, a 120+ person performance hall and a cafe.  You can check out out complete schedule and take a ‘virtual tour’ at www.redhouselive.com.

Red House operates like a health club for musicians - memberships are $29/month, and that gives you access to all the nightly jams (including Blues on Thursday night and Saturday afternoon) and a bunch of group classes.  Studio rentals and private lessons are additional.  A first visit is always free, and if you only come occasionally, you can buy a jam pass for $12 at the door.  Most people, however, have been feeling that the $29/month is a good deal.  We don’t have a liquor license and aren’t a music store, so we pay the bills with a combination of memberships, studio rentals and private lessons.

We’re about 5 weeks old.  Our Thursday nights are attracting about 15-25 players, and slightly less on Saturdays.  We generally do a ‘Master Class’ by one of our instructors prior to the jams (for example, last week we did a Hendrix class, and before that we did a session on jazz chord substitution in blues progressions). 

I’d love to let the folks on SFBLUES.NET know about Red House, and was hoping you could give me some advice on the best way to spread the word.


Raja Singh
President / Owner
Red House Studios, Inc.

Studio:    925-938-6900
Fax:        925-465-1059


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