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R.J. Mischo

RJ Mischo mural sorta
We hear R.J. Mischo's moved to Arkansas, which is a loss for San Francisco but it looks as if he's doing OK, gigging with Jimmy Thackery and others...

Looks as if R.J. gets back to the Bay a fair bit, so we'll leave the verbiage below intact. This update May 28, 2007

check out www.rjblues.com

check out that pompadour!

He's played with greats including Muddy Waters, yes, and while Minneapolis may be the poorer now that R.J. Mischo is San Francisco-based, well, too bad for them. You can catch R.J. blowin' that harp at local venues including The Saloon, and he's got a busy festival schedule this summer too.

Lots of detail, scads of photos, buying opportunities for no fewer than five CDs, and music samples too on R.J.'s website. It's pronounced MISH-oh, by the way. Oh.




R.J.'s got a new CD, about his fifth, called West Wind Blowin,'
featuring local guitar heroes
Steve Freund and Rusty Zinn.

 R.J. Mischo website   R.J. Mischo e-mail

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