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Rich Piellisch

Yours Truly Rich Piellisch (aka the North Beach Peach) with Tommy Castro (yes, that's the Man, at left, with that singularly sweet smile), Johnny Nitro (at center, with Tele) Burton Winn (far right on bass), and Andrea Drane on drums, at the New George's jam on Wednesday, May 15, 2002

June 2003

August 2003 picture at The Saloon

December 2002 picture by the great Scott Palmer

new (actually extremely old) picture from Our Nation's Capital

guitar from India (page posted July 14, 2003)

Fillie Fillmore
(she's a dog)

from RP's brief tenure on gueetar for the great Zanne Mack

twas a balmy Sunday afternoon in Port Costa...



Every once in a while, a great while, i.e. not very often, but it happens, really, OK it happened once, the suggestion is made, or it was made (really; that one time it was made), "Put more of yourself on the site."

Accordingly, here's some pictures of me, or maybe not, Yours Truly, Rich Piellisch, aka Peach, aka North Beach Peach, aka The Weedwhacker...


New Jersey
June 1989(?)

Farnborough 1994



Brighton July 2000

rug by Photoshoppe
Guggenheim Bilbao by Gehry

home chez


hai / Kyoto


focking smurking fock


Elvera Gillespie Piellisch
c. 1940

R.J. Piellisch
c. 1940

looking exceptionally well

with spiritual

advisor at Auroville 2002

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Changi 1990
(deer in the headlights?)

with Lovely Olya
in Paris, June 2002

and at the Johnny Nitro benefit at Slim's

see what drugs lead to

passport photo
September 1986

Farnborough Air Show July 2002
photos by Paul Brou


Special, Special, Special Thanks to Frank Orcino of The M.O. Blues Band for arranging an especially terrific jam at New George's in San Rafael on Wednesday the 18th of September (2002 it was)...

September 18 it was, yer sitemaster's birthday, and Yours Truly got to play not only with Zanne Mack, a new star on the local blues scene, but to jam with none other than Tommy Castro, who most magnanimously came out and played and sang and made it a very, VERY special evening for ye olde (and how) North Beach Peach.

Also playing with great distinction was stalwart drummer Andrea Drane; Mack DaddyZ bassman Larry Beresford and drummer Dean Carmen Leto; Pat Martinez on guitar; Mario Fastlearn on bass; the various lads of The M.O. Blues Band, including the inimitable Frank Orcino on guitar, and everyone else who came on out.

Thanks again to one and all, and Here's to another five-oh, as good as the first!

we trust that'll do

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