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The Delta Wires

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Hot Wired Rhythm & Blues!

That's the word on The Delta Wires and with a live CD titled Take Off Your Pajamas what's not to like?

The band will be at the Monterey Blues Festival on Friday, June 23, 2006 (their seventh appearance there).

The Wires specialize in traditional, but electric blues (hence the name). Their first CD was a compendium of covers of Mississippi and Chicago classics, 'Pajamas' was recorded live in San Francisco.

The Delta Wires have a new CD, their fourth, titled them that's got

CD release party
on Wednesday, July 26
at Biscuits & Blues
in San Francisco

The band's third CD
Tears Like Rain

What can we say? OK, We've heard Stan Erhart play guitar, and we say, Check These Guys Out!

Delta Wires was founded by lead vocalist and harmonica player Ernie Pinata.

Delta Wires booking
Diana Toutjian
Prima Management

Delta Wires website
bassist Tom Gerritts is The Delta Wires' webmaster too

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