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musty dusty stuff below.... some of it still valid!

November 20, 2004

My new CD "Other Plans" is all done and coming out in a week or so, I'm pretty sure I'll have it by the Monday after Thanksgiving. It's 11 songs, 8 original and 3 covers. It's got AJ on Bass and Lee Neal on Drums, Tony Stead on Organ and Kevin Zuffi on Piano and harmony vocals.

My website is up and running, it's www.chriscobb-band.com. You can buy the CD there and also my old CD "CC's Blues" which I've had a few hundred more made up. There's the usual bio, schedule, photos and sound clips (some from the new CD with more to come).

Also, I'm writing at length about equipment.

Hope all is good with you and if you have any questions about any of this, please write me.


Take care,



C.C. & B.B.

Singer Leah Tysse, at right, who's been appearing with Chris, will feature on a CD to be done this coming spring.

Lead singer Leah Tysse with Artis Joyce (bass, on left), Mister Cobb, in nice hat, and Ron Smith (drums). A.J. and Ronnie back Ron Hacker too.

Chris Cobb's band comes in several varieties, sometimes with female vocalist, most recently Leah Tysse, and sometimes not. In San Francisco you're most likely to catch Chris at Lou's Pier 47. He sometimes appears with Dave Workman at The Saloon in North Beach, too. If you like blistering, visceral, emotional blues, heart-and-soul-through-the-fingers, then you'll like Chris Cobb.

And not only does Chris Cobb entertain with a guitar, he's helped countless others in the Bay Area entertain with a guitar, as he runs the Real Guitars vintage equipment shop South of Market...

It's a tough job...

Well, maybe not so bad. Chris Cobb, in fact, comes off like a kid in a candy store in this place, and it's his candy store! (co-located with Gary Brawer's guitar repair shop and Dan Ransom Guitars). That yellow Tele, by the way, is a jenn-yu-wine '54 Esquire. Chris plays it out, too.

Chris Cobb's old trio with Tony Stead on Hammond B3 organ and Chris Sandoval on drums got done out of their regular Tuesday night slot when the Grant & Green shut down (it's reopened of course, but you knew that), but they still gigged for a time at Lou's and other local clubs. Bass player? "Nah, Tony kicks it on B3," says Cobb. Chris Sandoval is Tommy Castro's regular drummer now.

just having a little fun...

Chris Cobb
c/o Real Guitars
15 Lafayette Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

(415) 552-3310; fax (415) 621-6904; info@realguitars.com or ChrsC@aol.com





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