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Carlos Guitarlos

check out this major, PAGE ONE article on Carlos
from the April 30 issue of The Los Angeles Times

Straight from the Heart

This just in (February 22)...

Hi, my name is Damon Ayala and I now handle Carlos' business. I thought your site could use more info on the man, since you will be hearing more from him soon with the release of "Straight from the Heart."

It's an incredible new CD coming that features guests John Doe and Grammy winner Dave Alvin. I've even hired a big $ publicist to handle the release. FYI: Carlos has recorded and played with Tom Waits, Los Lobos, Chili Peppers, the Breeders and many others.

Los Lobos, Van Halen, Willie Nelson, and The Blasters have all covered Carlos' songs. In fact, Van Halen wrote a song about Carlos' former band, Top Jimmy and the Rhythm Pigs, and released it on VH's "1984" CD. Carlos has also appeared on The David Letterman Show. Carlos Guitarlos is the real deal; Dave Alvin calls him a "genius" and blues legend Willie Dixon mentioned him by name in his autobiography.

I'm putting together some release dates for May and would love to send you his new disc. His website is up, but not quite running (www.carlosguitarlos.com). But maybe you can link it up any way, since it will be done soon. His comeback has already started in L.A. (see link: http://www.cozysblues.com/calendar.html). Things are looking up for C.G.

Thanks for any help!

Los Angeles, CA

Getting a bit of attention
from The Bay Guardian

'I hear you've got a new album,' Carlos likes to say. 'It's got two things wrong with it. It doesn't have me on it, and it doesn't have any of my songs on it.'

They say he's played with Poco, definitely with Top Jimmy* in L.A., he's a legend of the San Francisco streets and, better behaved these days, has turned out an album, Mission Blues, of all originals save for two covers: Chuck Berry's Maybelline and Robert Johnson's Ramblin' on my Mind. This is real blues.

His real name? Carlos Ayala.

Carlos still shows up at The Saloon now and again...

*as in (the late)Top Jimmy & The Rhythm Pigs

Carlos Guitarlos interview from HipMagazine.com

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