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OK, OK, we know, we know, there's a Big Wide World out there. Occasionally we even go visit parts of it. And there is blues to be had, Blues Beyond the Bay, so here is an EXTREMELY idiosyncratic line-up of blues artists we've heard and liked, liked a lot, like 'em still, and who lay down their grooves far beyond the sheltered environs of our beloved Left Coast.

First, and foremost, our own (formerly) Mike Locke:


Michael Locke

Mike Locke is another extraordinary guitar man who, sad for us in San Francisco, relocated to his native Florida a few years back.

He's one of the best guitar teachers around too

Michael Locke is planning new releases and a new tour with his Repeat Offenders band.

Michael Locke website

Canadian blues The Twisters Canada blues


These guys, from Vancouver, have to have about the coolest visual on the bluesweb (above). Twisters Harp man Dave "Hurricane" Hoerl is a San Francisco native and Bay Area blues veteran (he learned from Mike Bloomfield and played with Sonny Rhodes too, and his Mom still lives in the City).
The Twisters new Long Hard Road CD (available via their
website) was nominated for a Canadian Grammy.

There's a storm brewing on the horizon & the eye of that storm is
The Twisters.
2003 Juno Nominees and Canadian Independent Music Award winners for "Best Blues Album of the Year" for their latest release "Long Hard Road", The Twisters are one of the hardest hitting acts on the blues scene today.
Paying dues to the blues tradition, The Twisters swing hard with three inspiring vocalists, tightly woven harp & guitar lines, and a relentless driving rhythm section forging a groove that refuses to be denied.
Each of the members has brought his musical talents and influences to the table, resulting in a potpourri of "Blues Cuisine" guaranteed to satisfy the most discerning blues palette. From deep in the Mississippi Delta to early Chicago shuffles, from infectious Texas grinders to West Coast jump and funky swamp-soaked Louisiana rhythms, The Twisters serve up the goods. Top it all off with strong original compositions and a live show renowned for rockin' the house and there's only one thing left do yourself a favour and see what the storm's all about when The Twisters blow through your town.

David Hoerl <david@twisters.ca> e-mail

new CD from Pippo 'Blues' Antonini
covering the Tommy Castro classic, and others,
with some righteous originals too

new Pippo website

Pippo Blues

Pippo Antonini & the Blues Train

We don't know much about these guys other than that their guitar man, Filippo 'Pippo Blues' Antonini is a monster (his card says 'guitarist;' and how). Pippo Blues opened a show for Tommy Castro in Pisa, Italy, where they're based, not too long ago.

They ARE the blues in Pisa, Italy, we gather.

Filippo's been in and about Our Town lately (August 2002) and in a short time here managed to play with Tommy twice, with Johnny Nitro (also twice), with Andy Mazzilli, and with Johnny Ace. And probably more, but who can keep up?

Filippo Antonini e-mail

Pippo Fillippo with Silvia Cicardini on August 18
The Saloon, where else?

le mani magiche di Pippo


Rockin' Ray holds down the low end...

Stay tuned for more on Connecticut's Mamma Jamma (friends and disciples of our own Tommy Castro)


The BBR Band

BBR Band website

The BBR Band

The BBR Band

These guys are out of the Netherlands, from Heemstede, which is near Haarlem, which ain't far from Amsterdam; we ain't seen them but they've got MP3 downloads, good ones, on their website. (It's in Dutch but you'll figure it out)

That's guitar man Bonne
'Bone' van den Heuvel second from the left at bottom left (and, it follows, all the way at left at top left). He is the BBR Band publicist...

His e-mail...

The BBR Band

The BBR Band

Richard Johnston

A one man blues band out of Memphis, and well worth checking out. We caught him in Norway last year and were blown away.
Save for Ron Hacker, he was the best we saw at the festival there.

Richard Johnston

Jack de Keyzer website

Jack de Keyzer

We've seen Toronto-based Jack de Keyzer billed as Canada's best blues guitar player, and we can't argue.

'The Dutchman' plays his '59 Tele with an easy authority and assurance, with songs ranging from Robert Johnson and Otis Rush classics (his All Your Love is smooth and especially wonderful) to his own heavy line-up of often-funky originals.

Jack de Keyzer's got at least four CDs, Wild at Heart, Down in the Groove, Hard Working Man and now, Six String Lover.

Jack's not without ties (however tenuous, as he says he's never been to the Bay Area, hard as that is to believe) to San Francisco's finest: He got the opening slot in Toronto when our own Tommy Castro didn't make it for one night on the late-summer 2000 B.B. King tour. And Jack de Keyzer won a 1999 award from Real Blues magazine, which this year singled our own local slide ace Ron Hacker. Steve Freund knows Jack too So there. Ol' Dutch is practically one of us!

new Jack de Keyzer CD!

We had the pleasure of hearing these guys 'way the hell out on Long Island a year or three back and they rocked. Their 'Get Fuzzy' CD is terrific. Check 'em out, they're on the net (click on a pic) ... and yes, they really do play in a luncheonette (or did)

The Mojos

The Mojos

We dig some bigger-and-should-be-bigger names too, and they ain't all pure bluesters (but mostly).

Artists we think VERY worth checking out include...

Greg Brown

John Hammond

Lucinda Williams

yes we feel she is most seriously righteous

indispensable guide
to the blues
in Great Britain

magazine of the blues scene in France... in french

This section of SFBlues.net remains very much a work in progress.

We are, so to speak, still shoveling, and expect to be doing so indefinitely.

Thank you for your continued support.

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